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Luxury Yacht Charter South Sardinia: Just 7 Km (4.3mi) from its south west coast, San Pietro typifies the amalgamation of cultures characteristics of Sardinia.

Though sparsely inhabited for centuries, it was only fully settled in 1736, when king Charles Emanuele III of Savoy granted it to the descendants of Ligurian coral fishermen from the Genoese suburb of Pegli, who had been enslaved by corsairs and held on the Tunisian island of Tabarka.

In gratitude, they named their new town in the king’s honour and today the island itself is often known as Carloforte. Carloforte-San-pietro-slandsardinia-girotonno (9)

Denominated by the belltower of San Carlo, Carloforte is one of the most characteristic fishing villages of the West Mediterranean sea. Its bastion, defense walls and ramparts recall the ever-present pirate threat of the time – Though they have been replaced on the seaward side by the lovely “Lungomare”, an elegant marina that every year welcomes a lot of Motor Yachts, Sail Yachts, and it’s also a base for numerous yacht charter companies.

With the smell of Pesto – A Genoese speciality – everywhere, and heavily Ligurian local accent, San Pietro feels weirdly dislocated from the normal world and welcomes every year international event as the “Girotonno“.

But Carloforte is especially one of the favourite destinations for sailing keens because around San Pietro’s Island is full of alternative beautiful places to visit by boat and where it is not possible to arrive via land.

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