The smallest and most southerly inhabited island of Tuscan Archipelago, Giannutri is a butiful island to visit on board a Luxury Yacht. from the sea it appears inaccessible, even forbidding; but the black volcanic boulders that form an unbroken barriera round it are more blessing the bane.

Centuries of shifting rock falls have made it one of the finest diving sites in the Mediterranean, with no sand to cloud the lapis waters full of Privat Yachts for Charter, Superyachts; and since there are no beaches at all to attract conventional tourism Rent a Yacht in Giannutri is the best way to visit the island, the circlet of rocks has preserved the island’s wild beauty from all modern depredations.

There are no cars, and few people. You walk in the cacophonous “silence” of the purely natural world, senses sharpened by intense colours and heady perfumes of herb and flower.

Offshore it gets even better. Dolphins, turtles and sea horses patrol huge meadows of ravishing underwater Poseidonia, set with waving sea fans of coral and sea roses. Ghosts of 2.000 year-old wrecks are shrouded in fronds and guarded by darting fish.

Large areas of the Marine Park are set aside for swimming and diving, to the exclusion of Luxury Yachts either in transit or moored, and of fishing.

Many Luxury Yachts  are available for Charter in Giannutri…. You can do those in many other places.

Giannutr’s utopian charm provides an opportunity to escape all forms of modern hurly-burly, on land or underwater.

Yachts for Charter in Giannutri – Italy