Out of all Italian beaches no coast is so varied and charming, so full of incontaminated and wild landscapes like the Gulf of Orosei.

On its northern part, near Orosei, we find the wild and lonely beach of Osalla. After the above mentioned coast of Cala Gonone, beginning with Cala Luna, it is all a series of wonderful things.

On the coast of Baunei indeed, near Cala Sisine beach, some immense cliffs nearly hide lovely Cala Biriola in whose surroundings is a natural arch hollowed out by sea. A little farther on is Cala Mariolu, inaccessible by land because of the sheer mountain walls 200 meters high behind it.

Few minutes more by boat separate Cala Mariolu from Golorizè, a little beach overlooked by the extreme height of Mount Aguglia. Near its foot you can admire another arch hollowed out by the seawaves.

On nearby Cape Monte Santo the fjords or Portu Quau (Sardinian for Hidden Harbour) and Portu Pedrosu (Rocky Harbour) wich are ancient river valleys invaded by the sea.

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