To have a party onboard is a sign of distinction and excentricity. Guests will always remember that unique event, so different from the usual happening in a classic venue.

The most frequently requested events to cater for are birthdays and marriages, but also business meetings, cultural events and electoral parties.

Whatever the occasion, the only real limit is the number of guests: regardless of boat dimensions, the current legislation states that the limit is fixed at 12 guests.

Here the Current Legislation that regulates number of guests and safety onboard:

– Directive 17 March 1998 n° 98/18/CE ( Safety dispositions and rules for public transport onboard vessels), also regulates chartered yachts.

– Legislative Decree n° 45/2000 ( enforces de Directive 98/18/CE regarding dispositions and safety rules for passenger vessels on national routes)

This limit transforms an event held onboard in an exclusive and unmissable happening. While this solution is more suitable for restricted parties, another option is to rent several boats and have them docked side by side, so that the guests will be able to shift from one boat to another and taste the different cuisine and specialties prepared by all crews. Last but not least of options, would be the possibility to rent one of the few existing yachts that holds a licence for 30 and more passengers (same as cruise ships).

If the event planned does not account actual sailing, the abovementioned limits can be sensibly exceeded, taking into account the room offered by the boat.

External areas, clearly the most used during the good season, are always fitted with shade structures and lateral protections against excessive heat or sudden storms.

There’s always the option to obtain a professional high level cuisine onboard for the guests, but if their number exceedes 12 people, it may be advisable to involve a professional catering.

Navigare Worldwide has at its disposal professional cooking and catering services onboard its yachts, also for a sensible number of guests.

Our company also counts some yachts with a passenger capacity above the 12 units specially fitted for events.

Please, do not hesitate to contatact us if you want to organize a luxury event on board.