Which are the crew duties onboard a charter yacht?

Onboard a luxury yacht you’ll always find professional crews that will offer you a top class tailor made service, available h24 for the entire duration of your cruise.

Since the moment of your boarding the crew is at your disposal being willing and happy to comply to your needs and make come true any wish.

The captain, heard your desiderata will suggest a route to have you enjoying the beauty of the sightseeing keeping in mind your comfort and relax.

 The onboard chef will present you his menu choices while being happy to tailor them to your tastes.

The attendants will take care of your cabins efficiently but always respecting your privacy and at mealtimes will serve you at the table the chef own creations.

Deckhands will conduct the tenders for you to discover beautiful coves or anywhere you wish them to take you.

Every crew member has its task, sternly overseen by the captain.

The leitmotif onboard a chartered yacht is discretion and privacy respect of our guests.

Remember that if you plan in having a celebrity onboard, or anyone who wishes to maintain his own privacy, charter brokers can add a non disclosure clause to the agreement which will protect you.

Have fun!