Customize your diet and taste the Gourmet Cousine
What you’d expect onboard a luxury yacht for charter is to taste gourmet cuisine, an experienced chef will be there to ensure that any meal is perfectly prepared and served for you.
He will be happy to have the chance to serve it to you, whether it be a lunch, a formal dinner or a barbecue, or rather a cozy pic-nic on the beach, the chef will fulfill any of your eating whims.

Before to take off at sea, your broker will have you filling in a detailed questionnaire on your and your guests’ eating needs and tastes and most of all what foods you prefer, any particular need for diets, allergies or else.

We recommend you to be as specific as you can so that the crew and the chef can acquire familiarity with your needs beforehand and reserve you the best welcome aiming to perfection.

Make sure to mention whether in the timespan you will be staying onboard you and your guests run into some special occasion such as birthdays or else.

There will be no better way to cheer than to do it over a special gourmet plate with your preferred party, sided with an excellent slide of cake or special dessert.
Bon appetit!