It can happen to buy a boat and to be in the impossibility to manage it properly, risking this way to see it loose its shine because of time and care lack. Navigare Worldwide Ltd., since many years, takes care of “very busy” shipowner’s boats by caring and managing it on their behalf and giving them the opportunity to have their boat ready and in perfect shape for their vacations.

Navigare Worldwide Ltd. has a wide portfolio of private yachts management in the Mediterranean Sea, our Yacht Management offices are constantly in touch with tour operators in the nautical sector offering a complete and professional service by minimizing expenses and guaranteeing the best price on the marketplace.

We, in Navigare Worldwide Ltd, We realize that all Shipowners are different and have different needs, tastes and expectations for their yachts, therefore our services of Yacht Management are specifically thought to satisfy the needs of every single owner.