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When people decide to spend their holiday chartering a yacht, they can choose among different solutions, in this article we will evidence the main differences between crewed charter yachts and bareboats. We will drive you to the right choice.
A cruise on a Crewed Charter Yacht is a comfortable and luxurious vacation on a yacht usually longer than 18mt and with the crew included in the charter fee.

Sometimes, it is possible also to rent a smaller Crewed Charter Yacht, but as the length of the yacht will be reduced as well the number of crew and the space available will be less. Crewed Charter Yachts are always in top maintenance and fitted with the top accessories and gear to make the cruise comfortable and safe. The crews are always made up of at least two people that handle the sail yacht, the captain and a hostess or a steward: the bigger is the yacht the more crew members it will has.

The captain not only acts as conductor but he is in charge of the cruise and service on board while a hostess manages the cleaning duties and the galley in order to have always the best service on board.

Rent a Crewed Charter Yacht means to spend a vacation in complete safety, with a technically well prepared staff that has confidence with the cruising area, its harbourage and dockings. During the cruise it will be possible to get some basic sailing skills and to participate to the simpler manoeuvrings.

The vacation on a Crewed Carter Yacht offers a high standard of service, not only for the crews’ experience but also because the yachts are equipped with the best facilities: branded china plates and wine glasses, excellent selection of wines and food available on board, big tenders, jet-ski, several water toys, fishing and snorkelling gear and so on..

You can distinguish the crewed yacht charters  from the bareboat also because of the contract stipulated: the costs for galleys, fuels and docks are usually paid in advance with a APA (Advance Provisioning Allovance) that sums up to 20 or 30% of the total yacht rent fee and the captain will report all expenses with a petty cash log;

When Renting a crewed charter Yacht, a damage deposit will be not required for eventual passengers’ direct damage, small damages can be paid directly on board with credit card…But it is very unusual!

Crewed Charter Sail Yacht in Sardinia by Navigare WorldWide Ltd

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