The importance of the Mediterranean Sea. Amongst the world sailing areas

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the favourite sailing areas to spend a vacation for boat enthusiasts, whether sailing or motor.

The choice of a leader charter company to rent a yacht of a lifetime, presents sure advantages, particularly the professional, highly qualified team, will be able of assisting you in making the best choice to suit your needs. If choosing a luxurious yacht, the experience and the professionality of the crew will accompany you to discover natural beauties, sometimes still unspoiled.

The Mediterranean Sea is known as “the cradle of civilization” and Italy certainly offers the highest concentration of hystory, culture and traditions dating back millennia. To explore it on board of a rented yacht is the best choice for who is willing to spend a vacation by sea, admiring natural beauties, diving in a world of history, folklore and food and wine tastes that only Italy can deliver.

Sardinia with Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena Archipelago; Tuscany with Giglio and Capraia Islands; the Pontinian Archipelago with Ponza and Ventotene Islands; the Flegree Islands with Capri and Ischia; the Amalfitana Coast; Sicily with Eolie and Egadi Islands, are amongst the favourite and most sought destinations in the world.

The boat rental accounts amongst other comforts, the welcome service on board by a professional crew, which will always be ready to meet your wishes for an unforgettable cruise in all comfort and safety.