Sardinia Yacht Charter

The cross-validation has come from the last study made by the Savill’s, one of the world giants development company, founded since 1855 in London. The Savill’s study puts Sardinia in 7th place as world’s top billionaires’ favorite getaways: rich people with more than 23 millions dollars of assets!

The study is the outcome of many years of investigation between the turistic market and the U.H.N.W.I. (Ultra High Net Worth Individual), in other words, they are the financial parameters that characterize how many people have a bank account with more then 23 millions dollar (bitter or sweet 30 millions).

The Top 10 mentions the Hawaii as 1st place, Martha Vineyard Island (Usa) 2nd place, The Tasmanian as 3rd place…Balearic islands (Spain), Ionic Islands (Greece), Whitsunday Islands (Australia) Sardinia (Italy) 7th place, Islay (Scotland), Pangkor (Malaysia) and last but not list Koh Samui (Thailand).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to go on holiday in one of the most beautiful islands of the world…even if their are not in this list!

Yachts for Charter in Sardinia