After the German magazine Bunte, that described Sardinia as a wonderful place for a boat itinerary… now another article, written by the prestigious British Sunday Times says the same thing.


The Sunday Times, in its Sunday edition, showed Sardinia among the best island for family tourism. For the writer Jeremy Lazel, Sardinia is an island of incredible beauty that British people should visit: it is among the best destinations to book now for summer.

The report is divided into several categories: cottages in the UK, holiday houses, beaches, cruises on board  wonderful crewed yachts, adventure bareboat holidays, ecc. 

For all those looking for an elegant and luxury resort ideal for families, with a lot of activities for kids, Lazel talked about the most famous  resort in southern Sardinia, or the possibility to charter a yacht for daily and weekly cruises, discovering the most beautiful places visible only from the sea. do it!