Chartering a Luxury Sailing Yacht with crew can become an alternative way to learn sailing skills without giving up your comfort and relaxation.

Navigare Worldwide has selected for you a range of particularly suitable crafts to this purpouse, and selected crews who are specialized in teaching the sailing art to clients, allowing you to become a skilled sailor during your vacation.

However do not picture a rigid sailing school where discipline, fatigue and cold showers are used to form sailors, rather imagine a vacation onboard a luxury sailing yacht where high standard service and luxury accomodations meet frendliness and availability in explaining and teaching the basic skills to become good sailors.

The sailing school can be on a luxory yacht but also the teaching can be carried out on smaller crafts called “derive” which can be found onboard and can be used without any time limit in quiet bays, once the mother craft is anchored, always in total safety and supervised by instructors.

Derivas are the crafts on which the greatest sailors and captains worldwide have learned the sailing skills, they offer total control of the operations even to those who are just beginning.

Obviously there will be the possibility of organizing regattas amongst guests onboard, the crew will organize a regatta field in the bay and you could enjoy the search for the best sailor onboard and the wooden spoon who will be paying the dinner.

Please, do not hesitate in contacting us for further info.

For those who have already learned the basics of sailing and would want to taste the thrill of competition in one of the most famous regattas in the world onboard a luxury sailing yacht, we invite you to read our article about renting luxury sailing yachts for regattas.