The wonderful view of land and sea you can admire from the ferry boat going from Palau to La Maddalena is only one small anticipation of impressive spots that you can find on this unmatchable Gallura archipelago, Santo Stefano Island, is left on the right side while you see always better La Maddalena.

Guardia Vecchia Tower on the hill, Cala Gavetta nearer with some yachts mooring and the frontage of antique buildings that open to the harbour offer such a sight as to charme everybody immediately.

Tourism is its main activity. After having seen the lively old town, and particulary Via Garibaldi, Piazza Rossa and Cala Gavetta you can pass along the scenic way that allows you to see some of the most beautiful beaches and cliffs like Giardinelli, Spalmatore, Porto Massimo, Stagno Torto, Cala Abbatoggia, S’Arena.

The islands of this archipelago still preserve intact a natural, almost primordial envirinment, with pink granite rocks coloured by the wind and sea waves reflecting in cerystalline waters and again scores of beaches with an extremely thin and withe sand.

An excursion to Caprera Island, presently a natural reservation for preservation of its flora, fauna and landscape, is absolutely necessary both because of its wonderful beaches (Mount Fico, Cala Portese and Cala Coticcio: this last one to be reached by boat) and because of the pinewoods and rock of Mount Teialone where you can enjoy a sight wich it is ipossible to describe.

Another reason is the posssibility to visit the evocative house of Giuseppe Garibaldi (named the White House) where the Hero lived .

The islands of the west of La Maddalena can be reached by boat: Spargi with its Corsara Bay, Budelli with its Pink Beach, so colored because of the coral deposit by the seawaves, Razzoli with its rocks and Santa Maria, the most pleasant.

On this last one there are even some little villas near the clear waters of Santa Maria Bay.

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