Ischia is the largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples where in summe may Luxury Yachts for Charter sail, and many people consider it to be more beautiful event than Capri to its southeast. Ischia is a volcanic island which divides the island into two zones. The south and west takes the brunt of hot dry winds from Africa, and cacti, agave and palms thrive in the sub-tropical landscape. In the northern shadow of Monte Epomeo, chestnuts flourish among typical Mediterranean trees like holm oak, cypress, cork, almond and olive as well as the vines that fill the terraces.

Citrus groves scent the whole island, and flowers run riot in the richly fertile volcanic soil. Even more extraordinary is the despite its hig population and millions of visitors, Ischia still has dozens of deserted beaches and coves, and much of its interiori s an empty pastoral idyll.

Ischia has lost its jet-set exclusivity since the 1969s when it epitomized the fashionable notion of “La Dolce Vita”, but that has been replaced by a new kid of partecipatory glamour that draws in visitors.

Just as it matches thermal springs and hot muds to different therapeutic treatments, Ischia matches its towns and resrts to wide variety of visitor’s expectation. Tranquil countryside walks, cafè-crawling, beach promending, Superyachts for Charter, or 24-hour fashionable clubbing co-exist without tears.

Ischia really is a holiday paradise exellent to visit on board a privat yacht.

Yachts for Charter in Ischia Island