It is well known that, with a previous communication, almost all receptive structures, welcome small sized pets.

Throughout their owners’ stay, they enjoy an environment suitable to their needs without having any stress.

Knowing this, today we ask ouselves: Can we contact a yacht charter company to rent a yacht with crew and bring over our pet?

Of course we can!

Many charter companies, not only allow this, but are also very happy about having pets on board….the only guest who does not use so much water on board!

The only difference will be a slighty higher rent fee since a more accurate cleaning will be needed afterwards.

It will only be necessary to specify while booking, the breed and weight of the animal, because if it is easier to provide assitance for a small pet, even a larger one will have to be comfortable on board and be able to enjoy a stress free vacation with its owners; during the cruise the pet will entirely be under its owners control and responsability for caring.

Navigare Worldwide awaits you on board of our rented boats together with your inseparable pets.