The most frequently used Yacht Charter Contract is the MYBA, created by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, that certifies yacht standards and data throughout.

MYBA contract provides standard rules of responsibility for both shipowners and client together with a section called WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms), which specify yacht costs included in the final price.

The final price includes:
– Yacht renting and insurance
– Crew duties and their food
– On board laundry

Costs not included:
– Fuel for yacht, generators, tenders, water games where applicable.
– Guest foods and beverages
– Docking and port taxes
– Piloting
– Dock water and energy
– Personal effects laundry

In order to meet extra costs, an advance payment called A.P.A. is required; this sums up to a 30% of the total price of the rent.

Alternatively, instead of the MYBA contract, it is possible to stipulate the contract provided by the local Chamber of Commerce that normally does not include crew foods.
Different contract terms are used in the West Mediterranean; they are known as SEMT or EMT (Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms), generally applied in Greece and Turkey.

Such conditions provide that the charter price includes:
– Yacht and related gear renting
– Crew service and foods
– Insurance
– Fuel for 4/5 hours navigation daily
– Port expenses and taxes
– Dock water and energy (not in all cases)

The price does not include:

– Fuel for the navigation time over 4/5 hours daily
– Fuel for generators, tenders and water games where applicable
– Guests food and beverages
– Port expenses for ports outside usual routes
– Personal communication needs
– Personal effects laundry

In the Caribbean, the terms applied are the Standard Caribbean Terms (SCT).

The renting price includes:
– yacht and related gear renting
– Insurance
– Guest foods
– Fuel (variable depending on hours and yacht type)

The price does not include:
– Beverages
– Personal communication needs
– Personal effects laundry
– Port expenses and taxes